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Is Vancouver an Antisocial City?
Written by Kaare Long   
Saturday, 19 October 2013 15:53


Being a single Mom has it's challenges, but being a single Mom in Vancouver who is looking to date, has more challenges than I ever realized before being single.



Scrolling through Facebook one day, I noticed an article on Vancity Buzz - www.vancitybuzz.com by Chelsea Pescitelli- Single in Vancouver: The Asocial Single Society. This got me a bit concerned, since I had been hearing complaints from many of my male friends about the 'coldness' of women in Vancouver. The article talks about the stigma in Vancouver with the dating scene, but it also brings the responsibility to BOTH sides, male and female and makes it a human issue, not just a dating one. Chelsea ends the article by DARING Vancouverites to 'Open Up' and enjoy more casual conversations without any expectations, stigma or judgements.


I posted this article on my own FB wall - the conversation that ensued was a tirade from rather gregarious individuals who are generally very friendly and outgoing, complaining about how their friendly 'Hello's' are more than often met with a GLARE, a TURN AWAY, or even better - no acknowledgement that they even exist and just uttered a daily greeting.


This got me thinking. Most of us who complain about his phenomenon are probably causing the issue ourselves out on the street for a variety of reasons. Women express fear, feelings of being 'stalked'- Men express fear as well, but more on rejection. Then I started to see more and more articles on this topic and the best one yet? A new online web series about the troubles of dating in Vancouver: Single and Dating in Vancouver. A comical look at this ridiculous reputation that we have branded ourselves with.



So WHY Vancouver, can we not just say 'Hello' For the sake of being friendly and saying 'Hello?' - If we could get THAT far, then perhaps being single in Vancouver would no longer be the uphill climb on a metal mountain with magnet shoes that it is now.


Perhaps we should ALL take some responsibility, and just open up, say 'Hello!' to ANYONE!

So - in the Spirit of Chelsea's dare, my team and I  decided to take her up on that dare and see what we could experience. The results were dismal and very disappointing. Adam Bajan, our Junior Consultant displayed his braveness, fuelled by his own frustrations with dating in this city, by wearing a sign asking - actually DARING people to say 'Hello!'  Take a Look:




Drastic situations call for drastic actions.

So WE are proposing a Campaign to ALL Vancouverites that we declare a #sayhitoastranger day.


In our work of Business Coaching and Social Media Marketing, we express to businesses that Social Media is a TOOL, and not the ONLY way to reach clients and customers. Face to Face and interpersonal relationships are the BEST way to build your business. The same applies to our social structure. The internet and Social Media can be a tool to connect, but we must be willing to take the personal steps after that.

So Vancouver - are you up for it? #sayhitoastranger - spread the word, use the amazing tool of Social Media and lets have a weekend ( November 8th, 2013) of Happy, Friendly, Open people. And lets see if it can shift us out of our self imposed barriers.


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